Raise your knowledge

What are the financing options available and the most suitable for your business; what are the resources you need to seek and secure funding; How can you benefit (check our online courses)

Get investment-ready

Know the investors’ criteria, improve your business proposal; learn and practice to pitch successfully to investors (attend our Academies)

Find investors

Meet and pitch to the right investors and get funded (attend our Investment Forum events)


Develop insights

Learn about the mechanics of risk capital investment; be aware of the potential of emerging technologies and the newest development patterns in the European ICT, Life Sciences and Cleantech sectors, and a better understanding of the growth and investment potential of such companies (attend our Investment awareness webinars)

Follow quality SMEs

Have access to a large number of promising and financeable investments, carefully selected and coached by international experts (register now)

Find co-investors

Network with other investors, and representatives from other financing-agencies; increase your chances to secure supplementary financing for your portfolio through government-support schemes or loan-facilities (check our Investment services)


Coaching tools

Improve your capabilities using our tools to guide and train your local companies (check our online courses and resources)

Support your clients

Improve access and link up with other accelerators in Europe working in the same industries; Increase your knowledge on concrete financing and investment possibilities; establish cross-border cooperation and exchange knowledge (attend our events)

Deal broker

Have access to relevant international corporations and investors, which may result in licensing of technologies or project funding

Policy makers

Develop initiatives

Get to know and support measures with impact-driven tools and better practices for investment readiness training; increase access to, and appetite of, different types of capital for investment-ready companies (attend our Policy conference events)


Assess the performance of policies and support measures of Investment readiness against our pool of indicators; get to know the Schemes and Tools in Europe that prove to be most effective. (check our Resources )

Relay tools & resources

Our available training tools and resources are available free of charge to everyone.

Online courses

Online Courses

Take the opportunity to take our online courses at your own pace and from anywhere.

InvestHorizon offers entrepreneurs and Investors free online education opportunities on Investment Readiness and Mechanics of Investment.

Selfpaced and on-demand modules are available for topics on Business & management, entrepreneurship, industry & technologies and equity investment. You can start now.

InvestHorizon offers entrepreneurs MOOC with 8 to 12 weeks long. Each course consists of a combination of self-paced modules and interactive discussions that allow the participants to debate with the experts.

Participants in the MOOCs are eligible to an electronic statement of accomplishment from InvestHorizon with your name, the title of the course, and a brief course description.

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Face to face coaching academies give you the opportunity to interact with your peers and ask questions directly to experienced tutors.

We offer a set of academies across Europe, check our upcoming events in your region.

We prepare entrepreneurs to maximise their potential to raise funding through 3 types of coaching academies: I- Business Identification - for start-ups; II - Early-stage camps - for early-stage SMEs and III - Growth Stage - for growth and small caps

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We give entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch to key European Investors and establish essential connections. Applying companies are rated against the selection criteria and the top ranking ones are invited to attend the Investment Forum events.

Investors have the chance to meet with high-quality investment & partnering opportunities at the Investment Forum events.

Get access to specific expertise from anywhere you are, by attending our Investment awareness webinars. These give you the opportunity to learn from experts about the early-stage investment process; types of investors and vehicles; investment trends in specific industries and the potential of emerging technologies, among others.

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