Financing Innovative SMEs and Midcaps


As we move out of the financial crisis, Europe must turn to research and innovation as a sustainable and inclusive path to economic growth and job creation.

Did you know?

  • SMEs account for 98 % of Europe's businesses and 70% of our private sector workforce.

  • With appropriate mechanisms to foster research and innovation activities, these SMEs and Midcaps could offer boundless potential to innovate our economy.

  • Yet small-sized innovation activities still face investment barriers and funding shortages, hindering the EU’s ability to stimulate competitiveness.

Our solution?

Boosting financing streams in favour of riskier innovation activities is the EIB Group’s contribution to countering the impact of the crisis on productivity and employment.

Six simple steps to loan funding

The EIB Group and DG Research and Innovation have developed a loan matching platform: “Six simple steps to loan funding” to provide you with easy access to information on European financing solutions for innovation projects.

The electronic portal can be accessed at

Signalling confidence in innovation investment

  • The EIB Group has tailor-made a series of financial instruments in collaboration with the European Commission to:

  • Ensure that funding for research and innovation is as accessible as possible for Europe’s 20 million SMEs and Mid-caps.

  • Catalyse much needed private sector investment in innovation:

From 2007-2013, the EIB Group-European Commission Risk Sharing Finance Facility (RSFF) financed 114 research and innovation projects to the tune of EUR 11.3bn and in addition provided loan guarantees worth over EUR 1.4bn. This catalysed a further EUR 37.2bn in private investment in European innovation.

Under Horizon 2020, for the period 2014-2020, the EIB Group (EIB & EIF) together with the European Commission have renewed their commitment to support research, development and innovation across Europe. A new range of products has been launched under InnovFin – EU finance for innovators.

Financial products to meet all innovation needs

Whether you are an SME with fewer than 250 employees, a midcap with 250-3000 employees or a large public or private company, the EIB Group has a financing solution for your research and innovation (R&I) needs.

InnovFin-EU finance for innovators

InnovFin - EU finance for innovators